Why Are Lift Spacers' Thickness Not The Same As Lift Height?

Why Your Suspension Lift Kit Components Don’t Measure The Same As Your Lift Height


Once you receive your ordered suspension lift kit, you may begin to wonder why your suspension lift kit component doesn’t measure the same as the lift height you ordered. Did you get scammed? Did you receive the wrong lift kit? Wrong! I can guarantee you received the correct kit with the lift height you ordered since the thickness of the spacer is not directly related to the amount of lift provided. Still confused? Well, read along as we will delve deeper into the meaning of lift height and lift components not matching and why they still give you the lift you want.


Why is the spacer in the kit that I received not the same thickness as the lift that I ordered?

Let us begin with a popular question amongst our customers: Why is my 3” Strut Spacer Lift Kit not 3” thick? Well, the answer comes down to the engineering of your vehicle and the kit. Suspension lift doesn't occur in a 1:1 ratio with spacer thickness. For example, a 3" spacer will not give you a 3" lift (it will give you a much larger lift). When one part of your suspension is extended (spacer), the other connected parts of the system are raised even higher. Lift ratios vary by make and model. That is why we specifically engineer each kit to the advertised lift height. Every suspension lift kit we offer is engineered for your specific truck. So the answer is yes... the leveling kit spacers will be smaller than the actual lift but you have to order by the lift size that you want. Don’t worry about the math! We already did that. Just order the lift height you want, but be aware that the spacer’s height will not match your lift height! So don’t worry any more guys, you got the correct lift kit!

In case you ever get the wrong lift kit, which can happen, it is recommended that you measure your vehicle ride height before and after to see if the full lift amount has been achieved. Doing that extra step can clear your worries without having to doubt my words! That’s the best way to double-check whether you achieved the lift height you wanted/ordered!

This is a question we received non-stop, so we thought it deserved a more in-depth explanation. Some of our customers' worries about this issue can be seen in their comments, emails, and reviews. Listed below are a few:


When my 3" came in it only measured something like an inch and a half maybe... I was disappointed. Then I had it installed and was very pleased to get a good amount of lift out of it - clean 3"
Why is the spacer in the kit that I received not the same thickness as the lift that I ordered?
You sent me the wrong spacer
Once I received my kit, I thought the spacer was too thin. I wanted a 2.5” lift and the spacer measured less than that. I emailed them about this thinking that they sent me the wrong one, but then they explained to me about the lift ratio. I installed and got the lift I wanted. Thank you.


In conclusion, the spacer (or any lift component you order) you receive will not have the same thickness as the lift you ordered. If you ordered a 3” lift you will get that 3” lift but the spacer will not measure that. For example, installing a 1.5” thick strut spacer on independently suspended vehicles can act as 3” lift kits. Remember, the suspension (lower control arm) compounds the amount of lift due to both its angle & length. That is the reason why the spacer is smaller than the lift amount. 


The lift achieved and the spacer actual height are not the same measurement.

The good news is that all Road Fury Lifts suspension lift and leveling kits are advertised by the lift height you want, rather than the thickness of the spacer. This allows you to purchase a lift or leveling kit without having to reckon with the geometry of a vehicle’s independent suspension. So here’s a tip to remember: Lift spacers may not be as thick as the amount of lift that they provide.

We believe in an educated customer and are delighted to answer all questions to get you into the right lift for your lifestyle and budget. If you would like more information or have other questions you would like to ask us, then just shoot us an email at reach@roadfurylifts.com or leave us a comment below!

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