Tips To Elongate the Life of Your Off-Road Vehicle

Off-road vehicles are built tough to withstand the most extreme and wildest terrain out there, but that doesn’t mean that they’re invincible. Having an off-road vehicle is like having a pet. One doesn’t just have them and leave them be, but has to take on new responsibilities to maintain them properly! Read on for some helpful tips to keep your off-road vehicle in top condition and extend its life plausibly.


Tips To Elongate the Life of Your Off-Road Vehicle

Tip #1: Wash Your Vehicle After Dirty Trips

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s essential for your off-road vehicle. Not only for aesthetic purposes but for the performance of your vehicle’s parts. The obvious cons to not washing your vehicle after an off-road trip are that contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, mud, and dead bugs can all damage the great-looking finish on your vehicle. But some non-obvious, but more serious cons to not properly cleaning your vehicle after a dirty trip is that leaving mud on your truck for a long period of time can:

  • Damage paint
  • Speed up corrosion
  • Cause mechanical failure
  • Decrease vehicle visibility

Believe it or not, not washing the mud off of your vehicle is one of the worst things you can do! Is mud really that bad, or am I exaggerating? Well, to put this in a clear picture for you, let me explain to you what the mud does to your vehicle. In elementary terms, mud is a mixture of dirt, rocks, and water. If left long enough on your vehicle without washing, it can clog up key components on your vehicle, causing mechanical issues.

Also, moisture is a prominent problem. Remember that one of the ingredients in mud is water. Well, water and your vehicle’s metal exterior are not a good combination, especially if it has no place for the water to run or dry. Let me explain: mud dries from the exterior to the interior. That means that water stays in contact with your truck much longer than it would if it rained or if you washed it. If it’s trapped for a long period, you know what that means… rust! Another unforeseeable issue is if there is a high amount of salt content in the mud on your truck. That would speed up the corrosion process even more! So something as simple as washing your vehicle thoroughly after an off-road adventure is vital in maintaining and prolonging a healthy vehicle.


Washing your vehicle thoroughly after an off-road adventure is vital in maintaining and prolonging a healthy vehicle

Tip #2: Supervise Your Tires

Looking over your tires is essential for off-road performance and safety. One thing that one must make sure of is whether you have the tire that fits your vehicle and is adept for the terrain you soar through. Having the wrong type can easily deteriorate your vehicle’s longevity. For example, one may want big tires, but if they are not compatible, you will just end up damaging the vehicle. If you want to use bigger tires on your vehicle, then a leveling lift kit is one solution. 

Installing a lift kit will provide you with the extra lift and room needed to incorporate larger tires into your vehicle. It’s important to make modifications with wholesome lift kits in order to not damage your vehicle. Remember, off-road handling is important so adding some wheel spacers can heavily improve overall handling, grip, and cornering. Adding these guys is perfect for additional traction and better handling.

Since tires, especially off-roaders, are subjected to especially tough use, checking the tread and air pressure of your tires regularly is a vital and must-have habit! Rotate your tires as demanded to increase their lifespans. It’s also a good idea to store them in an environment with proper conditions when not in use. Remember, your off-road vehicle is another family member, so take good care of him or her.

Tip #3: Monitor All Fluids Regularly

Remember, a vehicle being in use for the off-roads is NOT the same as a vehicle being in use in city streets. The amount of use, wear, and force being used is completely different. Checking your fluids is especially important for an off-road vehicle. It needs to be checked on more regularly than normal street vehicles since road and driving conditions totally contrast. This is not only necessary for the health of the vehicle, but for the safety of the off-road riders as well. Make it a step to regularly checking your brake fluid, coolant, and other fluids before and after your off-road ride. Oil change frequencies should be calculated depending on how you use your vehicle and the distance you drive it at a time. This monitoring will promote good performance for your vehicle.


Checking your fluids is especially important for an off-road vehicle.

Tip #4: Perform Preventative Maintenance

Once a small issue emerges, fix it immediately! Don’t wait for the issue to grow or for a part to fall off. Dealing with the wear instantly will massively renew your vehicle’s fitness. Repairing worn-down parts or fixing minor issues with your vehicle is much less costly and more convenient than dealing with the fallout of a damaged part down the road. Performing the proper preventative maintenance on your vehicle and taking note of minor issues is key to having a top-notch vehicle.

All in all, one must take these extra steps in order to extend your off-road vehicle’s life and performance! Is it easy? No, but it’s the extra responsibility one must overtake to enjoy the off-roads with safety. Follow these tips and you will end up seeing your off-road vehicle outlasting you!

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