What is a Dually Truck? A Dually Truck is a pickup truck that comes with a pair of wheels on both sides of the rear end of the truck. If a truck is a ‘dually’, then now you know that word implies the structural difference between a regular truck, that comes with 4 wheels in total, and a dually truck that comes with six. So what’s the difference between a single rear wheel and a dually truck? Do those extra pair of wheels really make a difference? What’s the point of having them? Follow along with this Dually VS Non-Dually Truck Analysis to dig deeper about the differences and their purposes. 


What is a Dually Truck? Road Fury Lifts


Towing and Payload Capacities

At first glance, one may see a dually truck and just focus on its appearance. But if you forget about the aesthetic and begin to think about its purpose, one can easily come up with countless reasons behind the use of dual rear wheels. Getting to the point, dually trucks are designed to haul heavy loads. These trucks are geared toward the heavy-duty faction of performance and use. Also known as “one-ton” pickups, on average, they typically have a max payload capacity of 6,000 pounds and can tow over 30,000 pounds.


The dual rear tires don’t only provide trucks a significant increase in their towing and payload capacities, but also increased stability. Dually trucks’ tire count makes towing a large trailer safer and more stable, even in windy conditions. Safety is one of its pros that need more attention! Those extra rear wheels can significantly contribute to safety in the event of a tire blow-out. For example, if one of the truck’s tires busts, the vehicle will still maintain traction and significant stability. Plus, dually trucks are usually equipped with upgraded brakes, springs, and shocks for greater halting power and a sure-footed grip.


Dually Trucks may seem like a vehicle that is hard to drive, but that’s a common misconception, especially for those who don’t think about its purpose and target audience. Compared to conventional pickup trucks, dually trucks have noticeable performance advantages. One pro includes enhanced traction in dirt or mud. Those extra sets of tires establish that extra grip. Second, they allow prominent stability and sway control when trailering, especially in windy conditions or while driving on curvy roads. The four rear wheels distribute payload more evenly, offering a sturdy, more secure towing and driving experience.


DUALLY VS. NON-DUALLY TRUCKS: The Benefits of Each -Analysis


Apart from all the usage advantages of a dually, they also are simply cool! All in all, they are trucks with increased abilities and capabilities. Interested in lifting your dually truck? Fear not, lift kits for them actually do exist! Check out our latest addition to the Road Fury Collection. Presenting the first Rear Lift Kit for 1999+ Ford F250 F350 Super Duty Dually 2WD 4WD here! Check out lift kits for your dually (or not), available for your make and model. Build your own legacy and release your Road Fury!

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