How To Unstuck your Vehicle when Off-Roading

Driving off-road has all kinds of alluring points that allow one to adventure and soar alongside nature. Ravaging tough terrain and dominating rough territory is what we live for! Of course, there are gonna be some times where the terrain itself will stump you, no matter how drive-savvy you can be. Your vehicle can get stuck in transfigured pits, mud, dirt, or sand. Any little mishap in the road can cause you to drive in place. But worry not! This blog will give you tips and tricks so that you can escape that deviant and continue your four-wheel adventure.

Before anyone goes off-roading, one must always be prepared! Bring along some tools! One must acknowledge that getting stuck can happen. This is something that some people may not consider, especially for newbie off-roaders. Below are some articles that one must bring along with their trip, especially if you have them on hand!

  • A Shovel
  • Simple is best. One may underrate the use of a normal backyard shovel, but it can work wonders, especially if you are stranded with a stuck vehicle in the middle of nowhere. One can dig out the stuck tires with the use of a shovel. No need to get over technical, just dig out the area directly in front of the stuck tires. This will remove the obstacle that was preventing the vehicle from moving onward. 

    How To Unstuck your Vehicle when Off-Roading: A Shovel


  • Traction Boards
  • Bring along a traction board! Sometimes, all you need to get out of an entrapped situation is simply adding traction. The use of a traction board is something that must always be in the mind of any off-roader! It can help you even when you don’t have one with you! How can that be? Well, anything can become a traction board, especially in scarce situations. On can use plywood, piece of carpet, sticks, or any though shrubs you can find outside surrounding you. One can scavenge around and use anything in extreme cases. If there’s nothing then, use your vehicle’s floor mats! Be creative with this. One cannot use the excuse that they didn’t bring anything with them anymore!

    How To Unstuck your Vehicle when Off-Roading: Traction Boards


  • A Jack
  • Many people already drive with a jack in the back of their vehicle to work, so why not when off-roading. The use of a Jack is not only helpful for a flat tire, but for releasing your vehicle when stuck off-road. If your tires are buried or concealed, partly or completely, then use the jack to raise them out of the trench. Then fill up the opening with dirt or place a board or another type of material beneath the tires so that your truck’s tires sit on that instead. This will give your vehicle the traction it needs to get out in no time.

    How To Unstuck your Vehicle when Off-Roading: Jack
  • A Winch
  • One may hesitate in investing in certain things, but if you’re an extreme rider, then a Winch is a must! This is the answer to getting released from the toughest of situations. When shopping for a winch, make sure that it has a minimum weight rating of 30 percent. If you have a winch with you, one can use anything to anchor. It can be a tree or anything sturdy enough to withstand the force and weight. Once your winch is attached to both your vehicle and an anchor point, turn it on, and the winch will do the hard work of unsticking your vehicle. 

    How To Unstuck your Vehicle when Off-Roading: Winch


    Everything mentioned above are solutions to getting unstuck using tools. If tools aren’t an option for you, then releasing air from your tires can help. Release a slight amount of air from your tires in order to lower the tire pressure. This will give your tires some added traction, as they will now have more surface area in contact with the ground to grip onto. BUT this is something one must be careful with! If you release too much air, then you’ll deflate your tires to the point of no return. 

    Getting unstuck is no piece of cake, but getting creative with your resources, surroundings, and insights can get you a long way. If non of the above works, then the final answer is pretty obvious: Call a tow truck. 

    All in all, off-roading is a hobby for the fittest, but the key to doing it successfully is being prepared. Have these tips in the back of your head, and you will see that getting stuck will also be part of the adventure. Lift your vehicle for your next off-roading adventure with our lift kits in order to release your Road Fury! Don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a customized discount coupon code!
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