Road Fury Front Level-Lift Coil Spring Rubber Sound Isolator




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Front Leveling Lift Coil Spring Rubber Sound Isolator

The front leveling lift coil spring rubber sound isolator from Road Fury will help absorb everyday road conditions and off-road environments, as well as maintain a factory ride. The primary function of this coil spring isolator is to provide a cushioning effect to minimize noise and the constant movement your coil spring sustains. Made from a durable rubber material that is injection-molded into a one-piece component, our front coil spring isolator will deliver intense durability and high performance for continued use. The isolator is available in an understated anti-fade black color that will always look sleek.

Coil spring isolators should never be overlooked. With our rubber sound isolators, you experience less unwanted force on your vehicle's body and prevent potential damage to other suspension-related components. Sold as a pair of rubber sound isolators and are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from Road Fury.

Road Fury high-performance suspension lifts are made in America. All Road Fury bolt-on products work with stock suspension and are easy to install.

  • FITMENT: Fits most coil spring spacers. Verify the measurements before purchasing the item
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The outer length is 5.5", the inner diameter 3.5" and 1/4" thick.
  • DESIGN: Designed to absorb noise and improve handling. Great for normal or off-road use.
  • QUALITY: Rubber material is chemical, oil, and weather resistant.
  • KIT CONTENTS: 2x Rubber Sound Isolators
  • INSTALLATION: 1-2 hours
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: This does not include the coil spring spacer. Front leveling lift coil spring spacers are sold separately.
  • MANUFACTURED: Made in America
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Replacement Warranty

California Residents: Prop 65 warning